Feel-good factor at its best!

Directly across from our hotel, the 2,300 square-metre Platinum Fitness Club is available for you to use free of charge Mon, Wed 07.00 - 23.00; Tues, Thurs 09.00 - 23.00; Fri 07.00 - 22.00 and on Sat, Sun 10.00 - 20.00. Just ask at reception for a customer card which is ready for you.

Alongside a great deal of modern equipment, there is a wide variety of courses from Body Fit to Zumba®. Freestyle, BoxCamp and TRX animations are also on the workout plan.


On several floors in this gym you will find a varied selection of equipment from the areas of power and endurance. The modern range of equipment is supplemented by open training in the free weight area and TRX. Freestyle animations are held regularly in the freestyle zone. Here you train everyday movements under the guidance of a trainer. In addition, you use small items of equipment like dumbbells or medicine balls.

Alongside training, you should also incorporate nutrition and relaxation in your plan. Delicious drinks and high-protein snacks are available at the fitness bar. Our team staff are happy to assist you here. You can enjoy a well-deserved rest in the wellness area of the Platinum Club. Here saunas and steam baths are available. There is a separate sauna area for women. Solariums are also available in the vicinity of the changing rooms.

Fitness courses

You’ll find the right motivation kick in one of the course programmes. In addition to freestyle and TRX animations there are also many cycling courses. These are held in a separate cycling room. In the classroom you’ll find Body Fit, Hot Iron formats, Yoga, Zumba®, Power Back, athletic fitness, step classes, deepWORK™, Pilates and the outdoor course Mommy Fit.